Missions opportunities
Bangkok, Thailand
Church-planting and evangelism, leading a team or joining a team starting a new church plant in Bangkok. You'll learn the Thai language, work in local church ministry and at Santisuk English School and prepare a church planting team during your first 4-yr term. Following a 1-year home assignment, return to Thailand to launch a new center/church with a team from the main campus.

Serve as a team member supporting on-field staff for children’s and/or youth ministry programs. Develop, implement, and support programming, including – but not limited to – evangelism, coordinating teams of national leaders and/or mission trip teams, mentoring of national volunteers and coordinating music, art, drama and/or sports activities for outreach events.

Gembu, Nigeria

Agriculture specialist to develop and teach advanced farming skills to Nigerians and implement a large scale farming project. Must have extensive farming background. Project director to assist current leadership in developing and maintaining outreach programs both community service and ministry related.

Deployment options
We are asking God for a gospel movement among every least-reached people group in our generation. One important way we do this is by equipping missionary servant leaders, like you, to create movements that impact individuals, communities and regions. All four of these mission opportunities serve alongside Converge missionaries.
Opportunity trips image
Field time: 1-2 weeks
Age & Requirements:
Organized groups of high school, college & other adults
Opportunity mid term image
Field time: 1-3 years
Age: 18+
Requirements: Application, Assessment, training & raising support
Opportunity short term image
Field time: 1-12 months
Age: 18+
Requirements: Application, training & raising support
Opportunity long term image
Field time: 4+ years
Age: 18+
Requirements: Application, Assessment, training & raising support

Converge has proven to be a faithful partner for us in the cause of Christ among the peoples of the world. This partnership has not only changed the world, but changed us.

Gregg Heinsch, Celebration Community Church, Celebration, Florida

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